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A great builder is both trustworthy and an expert. But how do you ensure these things? With so many television programmes, magazine articles and websites telling you what to look out for; what to do and what not to do, it can all get a bit complicated. Our way is to...

keep you in the loop

When committing a large budget and your time to a project which is quite often a dream improvement you will undoubtedly be both nervous and anxious. Our aim is to limit your anxieties by providing as much information as we can, explaining every step of a project and never proceeding until you totally understand.

we are experts

Our team have lots of experience in all aspects of building work, both residential and commercial. Our own team handle over 80% of the work on a project and the small amount which may be sub-contracted to specialist contractors is handled by firms we have worked with many times.

so you do use subcontractors?

All building firms will at some point require specialist tradesmen who aren't employed by that firm; those who tell you otherwise are probably not being truthful. However, you will not be responsible for their work, we will be, and thus you will only deal direct with Interior Solutions. What's more, we only use contractors we have an ongoing relationship with and for whom we can gaurauntee quality of work.

project management

A great builder will manage your project and not leave you dealing with suppliers, on site waste materials or negotiating with building inspectors. Where planning permission is a requirement we will assist you in your applications and discuss aspects of the project with the building authorities. You won't complete the balance of payment on a project until you are entirely satisfied.

certified, approved & insured

A great builder will adhere to all legislated building requirements and codes of practice; and that's just what we do. All work requiring certification (e.g. gas work / electrical work) is carried out with appropriate documentation provided. Interior Solutions is a fully insured and indemnified member of the Federation of Master Builders.

clean, tidy & environmentally aware

A great builder will begin and end the day with a tidy work area, ensuring as little disruption as possible. We do not work at weekends for both our own benefit and our clients'. Continuous building programmes exasperate clients and impact on the energy of the team; people just get fed up.

We will always leave your house as serviceable as possible and where disruption is inevitable we will keep downtime to an absolute minimum. All debris, rubbish and building evidence will be completely removed from site and disposed of in an efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

so are we a great builder?

We let our clients be the judge of that but we now have a considerable portfolio of satisfied customers who continue to use us on a regular basis.

fully approved

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